VEYES Flip-up Sunglasses

These aren’t your grandpa’s flip-up sunglasses!

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Easily attaches to most curved visors

How often do you wear sunglasses with a hat during your favorite sporting activity? Have you ever noticed how uncomfortable and inconvenient they are? Let’s face it, sunglasses and hats weren’t designed to be worn together – until now.


Flip your lens up when you’re hitting the ball or lining up your putts.
No more worrying if your glasses are going to fall off your head when you lean
over to address the ball. The lens doesn't interfere with your field of vision
when in the up position.


You probably keep your glasses on 99% of the time while you fish.
Now, during the other 1% of the time, you no longer have to worry
about your glasses falling into the water.


Many runners don't wear hats and sunglasses together due to the discomfort
and inconvenience of the combination. Now you can. VEYES is comfortable
and convenient. No more worrying if your glasses are going to fall off your
face from sweat getting on the nosepiece, and no more worrying about
where to put your glasses when you need to take them off.


Flip your lens up without having to take off your earmuffs. And, no more pain from
temple bars getting crushed into the side of your head by your earmuffs.

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